Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you do repairs?

I will always repair or replace an item that I made if it should fail you for any reason. Please email me via the Contact form if your Tbird item needs some lovin’. I stand by my work.

I am not a repair shop for other brands. Please contact the maker/manufacturer of your defective/worn item directly for repair/warranty issues.

2. Where do the hides come from used to make your bags? 

All hides are either cow or bison hide and are purchased from a handful of trusted and knowledgeable American tanneries. I only purchase hides that are a by­product of the meat industry. No animals were harvested solely for their hides. I do not work with exotic hides.

3. Do you do custom work?

I don’t.

4. Can I order the same bag that my friend has or one that I saw on your Instagram/Facebook page from a past season?

Maybe.  The majority of what keeps my creative fires burning hot is challenging myself with new designs, leathers/textiles, textures & techniques and bringing you truly original & one of a kind pieces. However, I offer my “Classics Collection” which are my tried & true designs that I will make over & over again because I believe in them that much. I’m part artist, part manufacturing girl. And I’m happy with that. If the bag you desire is not currently part of my Classics Collection then your friend has a TBird Original & I probably won’t make that exact style again.

 5. Do you have employees?  

No. I am a one woman leather show building bags out of my cozy home studio.  I do everything .......sourcing raw materials, testing, designing, drafting patterns, cutting, sewing, branding, tagging, shipping, customer service, oiling/trouble-shooting my machinery, product photography, bookkeeping & sweeping the studio floor.  While making bags is my #1 passion, I enjoy all of the moving pieces required to make a small business work.

I do work with a few very talented subcontractors..........photographers, web designers and tech ninjas.

6. Sounds like you need help, can I come work for you?

Employees are a fun & necessary part of business growth & while my sweet T Bird continues to grow, employees are not quite in the plan.....yet.

7.  Why don’t you line most of your bags?

I truly love the suede side of leather and believe it is part of the experience of owning a leather piece. Both sides are beautiful. I choose leathers with low or no nap so that you won’t get leather “lint” all over the interior of your bag. Occasionally, I will line a bag that is constructed with a thinner and/or softer leather for extra durability and structure.

8.  How do I take care of my beloved leather bag to ensure its long life?

Please read my section at the bottom of this page called "Leather Care".

9. I own a retail store. Do you sell wholesale?

Due to the time commitment that goes into each piece & production limitations, I am not able to accept wholesale accounts.

10. I am interested in a large order of bags/wallets for a wedding/corporate event/promotional project or as gifts. Are you accepting orders in quantity and can you accommodate?

I love big orders! However, my ability to accommodate your request depends on the time of year (my super busy seasons are summertime & pre-holidays), the quantity of items requested (remember….I make everything in house & it takes time), how much lead time you give me & the complexity of the items requested. I can also accommodate custom logos/monogramming on most items. I do offer small discounts on orders of 6 or more of the same item. If you want to discuss your idea, please email me via the Contact Form above.