1. Where do the hides come from used to make your bags? 

All hides are either cow or bison hide and are purchased from a handful of trusted and knowledgeable American tanneries. I only purchase hides that are a by­product of the meat industry. No animals were harvested solely for their hides. I do not work with exotic hides.

2. Do you do custom work?

Currently, I am not taking on any custom work.

3. How come I can’t order the same bag that my friend/sister/cousin bought from you?

You may be able to purchase a similar one but I create bags weekly with what leathers I have in stock and also by what is currently inspiring me. I do not purchase bulk quantities of hides, I hand­-select a few at a time. This keeps me fresh and inspired as an artist and also allows you to own a truly unique piece.

 4. Do you have employees?

No. I am a one woman leather show. I currently do everything.......designing, drafting patterns, cutting, sewing, branding, tagging, shipping & sweeping the studio floor.  Employees are a fun & necessary part of business growth & while my sweet T Bird continues to grow, employee(s) are not in the plan......yet.

I do work with a few very talented subcontractors..........photographers, web designers and tech ninjas.

5. How long does it take you to make a bag?

It depends on the bag. Usually, the more time spent on a bag, the higher the sale price. Time is money and also a non­renewable resource.

6. How come you don’t have a set “line” of items like all of the big clothing and bag manufacturers?

If you follow me long enough, you’ll start to see that I will re­use a pattern many, many times but in all sorts of different leathers and with added variations. My goal is to create fresh, one-of-a-kind items so that you truly own something original that no one else has. Part functional handbag/part original art.

7.  How come you don’t line your bags?

I truly love the suede side of leather and believe it is part of the experience of owning a leather piece. Both sides are beautiful. I choose leathers with low or no nap so that you won’t get leather “lint” all over the interior of your bag. Occasionally, I will line a bag that is constructed with a thinner and/or softer leather for extra durability and structure.